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Affordable Chassis Cab And Semi Tractor Refurbishing

Due to increasing repair costs, many truck owners skimp on maintenance and repairs, resulting in major expenses down the line. But there is no need to toss a truck to the trash heap. A cost-effective alternative is turning to refurbished trucks.  

Buying a refurbished truck saves money and boosts business. 


In late December 2016, the town of Hempstead, NY was able to save taxpayers $1.3 million by purchasing 'like new' trucks. The City saved $215,000 per truck by only forking out $35,000 instead of $250,000.

Such savings are not restricted to daycabs alone. They can also be translated to chassis cabs and even vocational trucks. Refurbishing allows for a partial overhaul of a truck, which is both economical and practical.

Part replacement and restoration increases engine efficiency and cuts truck costs through lower mpg and future repair costs. 

Refurbished chassis cabs offer the following benefits:

  • New industry-leading tires which improve fuel economy 
  • New air brakes 
  • New blast
  • New filters for engine efficiency
  • LED lights increase visibility in inclement weather
  • Proper wheel alignment

Refurbishment gives a truck new life while saving costs. Investing in a new truck is an unnecessary burden on your wallet when a refurbished truck can serve you just as well at a lower price. But picking the right company to procure refurbished trucks from, is very important. Quality requirements necessitate dealing with a veteran truck company.

JRuble & Sons offers a diverse inventory at competitive prices and payment plans. The selection available includes vocational trucks through heavy-duty daycab tractors. Customer customization is also available.

For further information, and to discuss offers and pricing, please contact us.

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