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Semi-Truck Technology That Can Help You Manage Your Fleet More Efficiently

 As a fleet operator, do you know where your trucks are, or how much fuel is in their tanks, or what their CO2 emissions levels are? All that information, and much more, is available to you in real time through telematics.

What is telematics? It has been defined as “a term that combines the words telecommunications and informatics to broadly describe the integrated use of communications and information technology to transmit, store and receive information from telecommunications devices to remote objects over a network.”

In reality, telematics is a blanket term for a number of technologies that aim at providing fleet operators with in-depth information about the status of their cabs and trailers, as well as details of driver behavior. Normally included are capabilities for keeping track of GPS location data, CO2 emissions, odometer readings, and even the amount of fuel in the tank. Telematics packages also usually have applications for remote vehicle diagnostics, maintenance status, fuel consumption reporting, and monitoring potentially problematic driver actions such as speeding, excessive idling, hard braking, or rapid acceleration.

Physically, a telematics package typically resembles an aircraft flight recorder (a "black box"), and plugs into a truck's Controller Area Network (the CAN bus). Data from the vehicle is uploaded, using cellular or satellite links, to either the cloud or directly to the fleet's headquarters location. A software application can then analyze it and make relevant information available to fleet managers in real time.

A good telematics solution provides owner/operators or fleet managers with easy access to information they can use to save time and cut costs in running their fleet. For more and more fleet operators, telematics is becoming an indispensable tool for operating their business efficiently.

If you'd like to know more about how telematics technology can benefit your business, please contact us.

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