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Tesla Semi, Toyota's idea, and Daimler's pushback

Production of semi trucks has begun and there's a lot of new technology to look forward to between 2019 and 2021.  These vehicles all have one thing in common-zero emissions. 


Tesla announced that it will reveal its all-electric semi-truck later this year.  Tesla wants to challenge the limitations around both the distance and the power that these trucks can travel.  Musk spoke about the average consumer cars, as well as these new powerhouses.

What's known so far:

- Musk revealed that it will share many components with the Model 3.

- The truck feels like a sports car, quick and smooth without the normal lag of a semi.

- It's a class 8 truck, with a weight limit of 33,000 pounds, much of that taken up by battery.

- The cost will exceed $120,000, when trucks of similar power are available for less than half.


While not purely electric, the zero emissions market has an interesting competitor with Toyota's hydrogen fuel cell.  While in no way a contender for long haul trucking with a meager range of 200 miles, the truck is ideal for the niche market of small trips.  Current plans indicate road-ready trucks will be available in 2021.


The eCanter light duty electric truck has reached over 37,000 miles of testing in Germany and Portugal.  It will be available in the US in 2019, a clear response to Tesla's announcement.  The known reliability of Daimler creates the case that they will not simply disappear, and while the long-term cost benefit of electric vehicles my be seen in the future, both initial price and unknown energy future play a role in buying habits.

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