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Trucking Apps to help with Back Hauls and Paperwork?

There are many problems as well as opportunities in the trucking industry.  When truckers go on a haul, they go two ways: one going towards their destination and one coming back home.  One problem happens during the trip back, or the "back haul."  Many "back hauls" are partial loads, meaning that the trailer is not completely full, or completely empty in some cases.  Truckers are paid for the loads that they haul, not the time they spend on the road.  Therefore, any empty space in the trailer is wasted space.  Another problem is that there is miscellaneous freight all over the place that does not have a driver.  Could there be some way to take these two problems and use them as a solution for each other?

Well, the big market has not caught up with that notion, but that may change soon.  According to this article, many tech start-ups are producing apps that will connect truckers and fleets with miscellaneous freight more easily than ever before.  Truckers can fill up any empty space they have during their "back hauls" and shippers of miscellaneous freight are provided with source of transport.

However, this new revolution presents another obstacle.  Truckers and fleets must complete piles of paperwork before they can accept and haul any freight.  This process takes a long time and is very inconvenient when truckers want to fill up their trailers during their "back hauls."  To conquer this obstacle, the start-ups have programmed their apps so that any necessary paperwork can be completed and recorded through it.  This should allow things to run more smoothly, saving time and money.

This idea has become a very popular one.  Many investors have poured $478 million into this venture during the first half of this year, which is on pace to surpass last year's total of $750 million.  That means that people think that this is a good idea.  However, this technology has not broken through to the big companies just yet, but that may be only a matter of time.  This opportunity is too good to pass up and it looks like this is the future for trucking. 

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