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New Add-On for Semi Trailers Could Save Lives

Collisions with semi trailers are some of the most devastating crashes occurring on the highways and byways. These particular types of crashes are most often referred to as underride crashes, in the event that a car crashing into a semi trailer slides partially or completely underneath the bed, injuring or killing the passengers. These underride accidents cost the lives of hundreds of motorists every year.

According to Cornell, semi trailers are required to maintain underride guards on the rear of the vehicle, but not on the sides. While these guards do protect many motorists and drivers on a day-to-day basis, the fact remains that side collisions are a very real threat to other drivers on the roads. 

With that in mind, many companies and safety-minded individuals have put their skills to the test, devising safety measures and devices that protect passengers from potential underride accidents. In particular, the Angel Wing device created by AirFlow Detector is designed to do just that. In the event of an impact, "the device triggers and engages the available safety features like airbags and starts to collapse the metal or fiberglass frame to protect the passengers." 

The Angel Wing side guards have been tested by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, or IIHS, and are designed to be compatible with most semi trailers and pre-existing safety measures. The patent pending design of the Angel Wing will, hopefully, help to prevent underride accidents and improve the safety of motorists sharing the highways with semi trailers. 

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