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JRuble And Sons Sleeper to Day-cab Conversions

Sleeper to Day Cab Advantages

Reclaimed and refurbished OTR sleepers have some distinct advantages over factory-built day cab tractors. They tend to be larger, with more spacious OTR cab styling and amenities built for long-haul comfort that all drivers love in the cockpit. The driver can move the seat back, which may not be an option in a new factory-built day cab tractor.

Many fleets optimize existing truck resources by converting their high-mileage OTR sleepers to day cabs as a wiser economical option, as opposed to just sending an otherwise reliable truck to the auction block. The refurbished day cab conversions continue to contribute to their fleets in LTL and city operations. For fleets that generate a significant number of their own high-mileage OTR sleeper cabs, conversion to day cab operations makes good fiscal sense.


Sleeper to Day Cab Conversions for Farms and Construction

Farms and construction companies can get all of the high-end benefits of the manufacturer's top-of-the-line sleepers when they convert them to day cab tractors for their own required vocations.  OTR sleepers are usually manufactured with a wider choice of engine and transmission options than their day cab counterparts, which makes them the perfect candidates for repurposing for an extended, economical, operating life.

At J. Ruble and Sons we have the expertise to customize any make to suit special customer specifications and vocations. Our onsite frame shop is one of the best in the country. We can stretch frames for a custom wheelbase, install lift axles, add dump and flatbed bodies from our onsite inventory, reinforce and double-frame, and more, so don't hesitate to contact us for all your custom truck needs.

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