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Peterbilt and Kenworth to offer Eaton's new 12 speed transmission

The industry giants of Eaton Cummins have developed a new 12-speed automated transmission dubbed Endurant. Scott Davis, general manager of Eaton Cummins said this new transmission to be a "game changer" during the press release.

Peterbilt and Kenworth are already offering the new Endurant transmission on multiple lines of trucks in their arsenal. Peterbilt announced they will make this transmission available with their 579 and 567 models. Kenworth announced it will be made available on their T680 model.

The Endurant transmission was specifically designed for use with the Cummins X15 engine to help provide better fuel efficiency, increased performance overall, and an improvement in low-speed maneuverability. Another key feature is an improvement on the lubrication system which has a stunning 750,000 mile lube-change frequency. This is the industry's largest lube change interval, with most transmission lines requiring the change after 250,000-500,000 miles.

Eaton has over a century's worth of research and development in transmission design which has resulted in some of the prominent features of Endurant:

  • 750,000 lube change interval
  • A maintenance free clutch which requires no grease
  • Endurant requires just 16 pints of oil 
  • A standard 8-bolt PTO opening (which also improves resale value)
  • Internal electrical system to minimize wire corrosion
  • Predictive shifting which utilizes look-ahead technology
  • A smarter prognostics feature to suggest clutch replacement
  • Lowest cruise RPM among competitors

It's also important to note that Endurant was not simply an automated design that was converted from a previous manual unit. The Endurant was specifically engineered not only with performance in mind, but with numerous cost-saving measures built into the process.

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