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A Short History of Trucking's Role in the Artistic Mediums of Cartoons and Comics

Anyone who has opened a newspaper to look at the daily funnies or comic strips know the name, Charles M. Shultz, of Peanuts fame or Garfield, which was created by Jim Davis. But even with a niche subject like trucking and its history in comics, there is plenty of cartooning to go around.

The publication, Overdrive, which included artist, C. Livolsi's original cartoons about truck dispatchers, owners of truck stops, government officials who had a hand in legislation affecting the trucking industry, long-haul drivers, and roadside related characters, all were a target of Livolsi's humor in the late 1960s.

Paul Goeppner, who was the art director of Overdrive, worked from 1966 to 1984 in this art genre of cartoons.  He also had a hand, along with C. Livolsi, at taking a humorous look at this industry through the medium of cartoons.

Even cutting-edge artists of the 1960s like Robert Crumb had a hauling theme with Keep on Truckin', a one-page comic that was published in 1968 in the initial issue of Zap Comix.  Although the R. Crumb's comic was not about the trucking industry, per se, the song "Truckin' My Blues Away" by Blind Boy Fuller was considered the inspiration behind Crumb's one-page comic as noted by Wikipedia about the origination of the comic's title.

Today, you can view and even purchase some rather hilarious comics about the many different aspects of the trucking industry by checking out the website,  You can see some of CartoonStock's trucking-related comics here. We think that these comics are worth a look and a laugh for all the truckers in need of some industry-related humor. 

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