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Semi-Trailer Energy to Keep Electric Semi-Trucks Charged with Power

We Find Big Power Trucks and Semis to Refurbish Like New

At J. Ruble & Sons, we are always on the lookout to find big power in previously-owned trucks and tractors. The innovative technology that may be adding efficiency to the trucking industry is exciting. Semi-trailers are being designed and built to transfer their produced energy to the electric-powered trucks that are pulling them. 

New Semi-Trailers by Bosch Geared to Capture Valuable Energy

Technology never ceases to amaze all of us who are committed to the demands of the trucking industry. Found on The Drive, "Bosch's New Semi-Trailers Use Regeneration to Recharge Electric Trucks" by Stumpf, R. (2019, September 5), is some of the most interesting news in regards to semi-trailers. It is just ingenious to capture the energy produced through the braking of a semi-trailer and transfer it to power the electric semi-truck. The big rigs will be able to go longer distances between idle time for recharging. 

Where this technology can be realized is when "semi-trailers travel downhill or in traffic." The regenerative braking system will capture kinetic energy that will be stored in trailer batteries that can be used to lengthen the charge of the electric truck or be used to power reefer trailers. This is a powerful innovation for the trucking industry. As stated in the article, "Bosch says that is concept could save companies almost $11,600 annually, nearly 2,400 gallons of diesel fuel." Bosch's Regenerative Braking System was making its debut at the IAA International Motor Show in Hannover, Germany. The J. Ruble & Sons team is looking forward to updates on this semi-trailer technology.

Refurbishing Big Power for 40+ Years

J. Ruble & Sons Truck Sales has earned a reputation for delivering quality refurbished, big power trucks and semis. We keep up with the latest technology, and we are always ready to work with new innovations that eventually become used. We are always on the lookout for big power that we know our highly-qualified technicians can recondition and customize for years of powerful life. 

Give our team a call first no matter where your business may be located in the United States. We do most of our business over-the-phone. If we do not already have exactly what you need in our inventory, we will help you in your search. With the holidays upon us all, the J. Ruble & Sons team wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday season. Let us help make your 2019 a very prosperous year.

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