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Fines Raised for DOT Regulation Violoations

J. Ruble &  Sons Part of our Thriving Trucking Industry

The team at J. Ruble & Sons Truck Sales has over 40 years of experience offering large inventories of high quality and exceptional refurbished day cab tractors, heavy spec cab and chassis along with other vocational trucks. With our thriving trucking industry demanding more and more from everyone involved, the roads are busier than ever with eighteen-wheelers and other heavy-duty trucks moving across America. Why chance the fines that can shut many businesses down with just one major violation? Take the time to know the regulations and keep your business moving with prosperity.

DOT Establishes New Fines

Found on Overdrive, "DOT raises fines for violating trucking regs" by Cole, M. (2018, November 27). As of November 27th, the new fines that are established on an annual basis are effective. When you review the list, it can be overwhelming for sure. The smartest thing is to be educated about what the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires.

FMCSA Training and Education

The trucking industry is thriving, and it can be hard to know everything you need to know to keep your trucking business moving in the right direction. Use the FMCSA's training and education site to equip you and/or your drivers with the knowledge to better run your business. 

Indiana's Department of Revenue 

Since we're located in our wonderful state of Indiana, the Department of Revenue supplies a detailed guideline that is subject to changes. Using Indian's Department of Revenue(DOR) as a reference can also help you. As you will find, "New Legislation Affecting Motor Carrier Services" to guide you through the changes.

Supplying the Best Refurbished Trucks for Unique Needs

When you are looking to save money with previously-owned trucks, the team at J.  Ruble & Sons Truck Sales has the experience, the knowledge, and the skill to deliver your company with quality-refurbished trucks. Even if your company is not located in Indiana, we have served companies from across the country to deliver great-looking and operational trucks for years of service. 

As 2018 comes to an end, everyone at J. Ruble & Sons wishes you and your families a safe and healthy holiday season. When you're looking for dependable, quality-refurbished equipment to grow your business in 2019, call us to find out what we have, and what we can customize to your unique needs. 

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