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Pull Your Heavy Loads with a Peterbilt 357

Meet all the Petes at J. Ruble and Sons

At J. Ruble and Sons, we're always on the lookout for powerful trucks. With our expert, refurbishing team, we bring older trucks with years of life back to an awesome look. Earlier this year, we invited you to learn more about Peterbilt trucks, and we shared how hard these trucks can work. See a Peterbilt 357 in action as the "pull tractor," as found on AC&T. A challenging task of moving "two 155-ton steel refinery vessels from the fabricator in northern Mississippi to a refinery near New Orleans." For anyone in the trucking industry, it's always something exciting to see. 

357 Peterbilt: SPECifically for Heavy Construction Hauls

As exceptionally reviewed on Wikipedia, you find that this Pete "quickly became popular as a heavy truck or tractor and became known as the Heavy Haul option." We are excited to offer our refurbished 357 Peterbilt models

See why Peterbilt is considered as one of the best makes in the trucking industry, as found on Smart Trucking. "Aside from having an extensive dealership network and strong customer service, they also are simply built better with more intelligent designs and sturdy materials."

Quality Refurbished Peterbilts: Ready to Roll and Ready to Work

Call the team at J. Ruble and Sons Truck Sales to learn more about our robust inventory of Peterbilt 357 models as well as some other great Peterbilts. If you're not familiar with us, we are known for our quality framework around the country. We have many repeat customers to get the quality customization their applications require. 

With decades of dedication to deliver quality refurbished trucks, we are always excited to show new customers our operation in the peaceful town of Monroeville, Indiana. Come take a tour. See our team in action, and check out our inventory of refurbished trucks that may be what your trucking business needs. It is always our pleasure to help keep America on the move.

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