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Showing America's Truck Drivers Appreciation!

America's Truck Drivers Deliver Happiness

We owe a lot to the hard-working men and women who are transporting the goods necessary to keep roofs over our heads, the food that is on our tables, and the clothes we love to wear. Without our truck drivers, the world as you know it would be like living in the early 1900s. Think about everyday life without all the medium and heavy-duty trucks, full of product, moving from Point A to Point B. Without our truck drivers, we would not have the convenient lifestyles, so many of us are accustomed to today.

Let's Join in to Celebrate our Truck Drivers

America's road warriors have a mission, and that is to keep our country moving. Let's take a moment to show appreciation.

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

September 8th through the 14th, 2019 is not very far off. Join in as our American Trucking Associations prepare to show our men and women truckers that they are appreciated. 

Great Ideas for Your Truck Driver Family or Friend

For anyone having a hard time thinking up something special for the truck driver in your life, check out the ideas on HNI. One quick thank you can go a long way. 

Charities to Help Truckers in Special Ways

If you're searching for another way to show appreciation throughout the year, FreightWaves tells you about some wonderful charities. Not only are these organizations helping make truckers' lives better, but one is even working with truckers to save animals. 

THANK YOU from J. Ruble and Sons Truck Sales!

J. Ruble and Sons Truck Sales have been in operation in Monroeville, Indiana for over 40 years. Our inspiration is to keep America's truck drivers on the road with high quality, refurbished daycab tractors, heavy spec cab and chassis, and other vocational trucks. 

To all our hard-working men and women truck drivers, thank you for the dedication and long hours in keeping America on the move. When you need us, we're here to deliver exceptionally-refurbished equipment. 

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