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FMCSA Hours of Service Changes

Hours of Service Regulations: What isn't Working?

If you're in the world of trucking, you know all about the restrictions that have been affecting truck drivers regarding hours of service (HOS) regulations. Ever since the enforcement of these restrictions, it has been a topic in discussion within the trucking community. 

Although the HOS regulations were meant to help drivers, it ultimately caused problems, as reviewed on FleetOwner over a year ago now. With our country's shortage of truck drivers, it's good that people began listening. We need to support our truck drivers as much as possible. Of course, we also have to keep safety in mind. 

Time to Weigh In Your Thoughts on Hours of Service

If you haven't had time to keep up with what is happening, now is the time to get up-to-date, and CDLLife offers an informative review on "the FMCSA's proposed changes to HOS." If you want to go directly to the source, "the FMSCA is accepting public comment on the HOS changes for 45 days." The days are already clicking, so be sure to take time to offer your opinion. Safety is part of the equation. 

Let's All Help to Keep America Moving with Safety in Mind

The one thing we all need to remember is that we need truck drivers, or we're going to have a big setback in the way we have become accustomed to living. No more stocked grocery shelves, no more home deliveries from convenient, online shopping, and so much more. 

It's not only our truck drivers that must drive with safety in mind, but it's everyone that is driving along the highways and roads. Here are some friendly reminders to non-trucking motorists.

  • Don't cut off an eighteen-wheeler going at top speed on any road. It takes a lot for them to stop. You may get out in front of a possible wreck but not all the motorists behind the big semi. 
  • If you're driving up a ramp to jump on the highway, YIELD to the big rigs. It's hard for them to move over to an inside lane. Why take the chance of causing a wreck with a big change reaction?
  • If you see a semi-truck is trying to get over, please allow them to move over. Maybe they need to get off the highway for an emergency. 
  • Don't tailgate. If the semi has to brake suddenly, your car could crash into the trailer or even go underneath it.   

J. Ruble and Sons: Refurbishing Trucks to Keep America on the Move

The team at J. Ruble and Sons Truck Sales is here to help our trucking industry with high-quality refurbished daycab tractors, heavy spec cab and chassis, and other vocational trucks. We're here, always excited to be part of keeping America on the move.  

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