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Trucking Trends in Dump Trailers

Demands for New Designs and Materials

Trailers used to be built tough to stand against the rushed handling at construction sites, as discussed on HDT Truckinginfo. But, with today's technology and the demand for lighter trailer solutions, manufacturers are delivering new dumping solutions to shave off trailer weight, while constructing for durability. 

Never Considered and Now Available - Lighter Body Designs 

You're going to be seeing how "aluminum in body panels is becoming more commonplace - as are other lighter-weight materials." Not to mention, "more exotic materials" are being used, with one such "high-strength structural steel called 'Strenx' is a common one." One other new product, "Hardox AR500, is projected to "enhance trailer durability by as much as 30%."

As the author points out, you have to consider more than just trailer weight. Take into consideration "the application at hand, the materials being hauled, and your company's operations."

Automation and Sensors Offer Safety and Savings

One thing that advanced technology is delivering to our trucking industry is safety measures. As the HDT Truckinginfo article points out, technology can "make it easier on the driver and help ensure optimal operation of the equipment." East Manufacturing is integrating "automatically deployed lift axles and rear suspension dumps with auto-reinflate, to help make drivers more efficient." Savings from "tire and brake wear" is a benefit of this new technology. 

Tarp It, or Take a Ticket

None of us like our windshields getting blasted with loose materials propelling through the air from an open-bed truck or trailer. It can be a hazard. It only makes sense to cover loose-material hauls, and it's now enforceable in "a majority of states." It's nice to know that "tarp suppliers are increasingly turning to electric- and semi-automated tarp deployment and retraction systems."

Save Money with Refurbished Trucking Solutions to Pull New Technology

With over 40 years of experience in quality refurbishing, the team at J. Ruble and Sons Truck Sales offer a robust inventory of quality refurbished daycab tractors, heavy spec cab and chassis, and other vocational trucks. We offer precision framework customization to deliver the benefits that seasoned drivers notice. 

At J. Ruble and Sons, we can save you money with our quality-refurbished tractors and trucks, and you can invest in the new dump trailer technology. Call us, let us know what you need, and we will go to work because we are always looking for big power. 

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