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Excellent Diesel Engine with Cab, Not so Nice? Refurbish to Keep Truckin'!

Diesel Engines: Made to Last a Long Time

For all of us in the trucking industry, we know why diesel engines were an innovation that excited our industry. The diesel engines gave us the longevity and the power, trucking operations, need to get the job done. For anyone new or thinking about becoming a part of our vital industry, you will want to understand the when, how, and why diesel engines are critical to the trucking industry until more cost-effective options come into play.

On, you will find out why "the diesel engine, along with diesel as a fuel, is a great device for Semi-trucks to use. The fuel efficiency, costs, lifespan, and the power to weight ratio make diesel fuel and diesel engines superior to gas engines."

Well-Maintained Diesel Engines are Worth Keeping

We know that one of the reasons for the trucking industry to move to diesel engines is the mileage that these engines will cover. Explaining how many miles a semi-truck can get, is discussed on Commerce Express. It's fascinating that "the monster engineering that goes into building a semi-truck allows them to last for upwards of 750,000 miles, but some have been known to push a million."

Don't stop with just that semi-truck fact. It's worth the while to read through these semi-truck facts, especially when it comes to making us all travel safer along the busy roads and highways. Let's share the road with everyone.

Just in case you're in the market for an old semi to have look like new, the Smart Trucking author shares opinions of what and why certain engines are better than others.

Keeping a Nice-Looking Cab is Worth It

To the point, HDT Truckinginfo tells you why your semi's outward appearance can be bad for your bottom line. "While the temptation to overlook damaged vehicles can be overwhelming during peak business times or when money is tight, experts say doing so can actually cost you more money in additional repairs later -- as well as hurt your company image and degrade fleet fuel efficiency."

J. Ruble and Sons Truck Sales: Decades of Refurbishment Excellence

Find out more about our history and everything we do. A large portion of our sales is over the phone, with big power delivered to our customers, with no travel necessary.

Just need refurbishing? That's what we do best. It is our mission to bring cost-saving solutions to trucking operations across the country, and we're here to give well-maintained, diesel engines, more years of trucking for America.

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