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Free Trucker Apps For iPhone Users

Smartphone software can help truck drivers cut costs, maximize safety and complete many routine tasks with greater ease. Some iPhone trucker apps have one-time or monthly fees, but many of them are available for free:


Although it's called GasBuddy, this application also enables drivers to find the best prices on diesel. You don't have to enter an address when you search for nearby filling stations; the app can use GPS to check your location.


Trucker Path has earned an average rating of 4.8 stars from over 42,000 iPhone users. It provides an easy way to search for rest areas, truck stops and overnight parking. You can also view the current status of nearby weigh stations.

TruckMap offers several of the same features as Trucker Path. Additionally, it supplies truck-oriented driving directions. The software recommends routes that don't prohibit tall or heavy vehicles. It can also tell you where to find suitable repair and towing services.

Trucker Tools delivers a tremendous variety of information. You could use it to plan your next trip and locate a weigh station or truck stop. It supplies weather reports as well as trucking news from Overdrive Magazine.


KeepTruckin tracks driving hours and mileage. It uses this data to determine if you're following all of the latest trucking laws and getting enough sleep. Although this application is free, you'll need to pay to use certain features.


Inclement conditions can have a big impact on any lengthy trip, so The Weather Channel's smartphone app often comes in handy. It supplies long-term forecasts and official warnings. The popular Storm Shield software is an appealing alternative with voice-based alerts.

Waze delivers up-to-date information on weather, road and traffic conditions. It can sometimes notify you of nearby police activity. The iOS program suggests a different way to reach your destination if a road is closed or otherwise blocked.

You can find most of this free iPhone software at's App Store. Remember to check our blog for more industry news and information that will help you make the most of your trucking career. Please contact us if you're looking for an affordable yet reliable refurbished truck.

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