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Refurbished Chassis Cabs And Semi Tractors Makes $cents

Refurbishing a work truck, whether it's a chassis cab, semi-tractor or dump truck, is a lot easier on the wallet than purchasing new. Refurbishing a vehicle you already own will add a lot more years of use giving you a big return on your original investment.

Don't confuse refurbish with re-use. A used vehicle stays the same. Typically no changes made whether needed or not. All repairs or improvements get transferred to the re-use-er. "As Is" sound familiar?

Refurbishing is the process of making it new again. Initially a thorough evaluation provides the technician information needed to pre-plan. And then the fun begins. A complete inside out, top to bottom power wash removing all dirt, grime, oil and grease from many years of accumulation. Every single bit of rust destroyed and areas treated with rust prevention. Diagnostics ran. Parts needed for a repair or replacement get ordered and installed.  Fluids filled and filters replaced. A complete overhaul of electrical and mechanical systems is a must. Tires aired and wheels polished. Paint restored. The paint job as well as all other applicable areas sealed for maximum protection. Upgrades performed to meet industry standards, as well as pass DOT inspections. The finished product presented in pristine condition. 

An article on the CNN website explains the differences very well between rebuilt, used and re-manufactured. By definition re-manufactured is the same as refurbished. Completely redone "to the standard of new."

Highly trained professionals dedicate learned skills to accomplish this detailed procedure. Feeling confident about purchasing a refurbished truck is almost as good as the feeling you get by saving all that money. 

Customizing to meet a customer's needs is a valuable service offered by some dealerships in the industry like JRuble & Sons Truck Sales. They have a large inventory to choose from.

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