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Self-Driving Trucks

Many new things are happening with semi-truck technology. One new area of development are self-driving trucks. This technology has developed for years and being tested now. Some worry about possibly losing work. The fact is, these may make the a truck driver's job easier. They are good for the industry.

Self-driving trucks are making quiet strides to maybe beat self-driving cars to the market. One company, Daimler, started testing these vehicles back in 2015. The fact is these are simpler than the cars. The trucks need to operate autonomously on long hauls on freeways and highways. The truck takes over when in one lane at a steady speed. Cars need to maneuver on city streets, residential areas, and back roads as well as long trips.  

These trucks still need drivers. The driver takes over with a touch of the wheel when it is necessary. A driver also has full control to override the steering, throttle, or braking when needed. The self-driving mode doesn't do lane changes, highway entrances or exits, driving in city traffic, and backing into delivery areas. The truck doesn't drive in bad weather either. There is a system in place when weather conditions worsen.  Even though Daimler plans to have the first on the market by 2025, it is obvious truck driving jobs aren't going anywhere.

These trucks may also solve problems drivers encounter. Currently, semi-trucks use around 20 percent of the transportation fuel. These autonomous trucks show a reduction in fuel usage by being more economical on long hauls. The trucks can reduce bills for fuel by 4 to 7 percent.

Another development is technology for caravans. These trucks get led by one driver in a lead truck, with other drivers in the following trucks to handle the freeway exits and city driving. The trucks get controlled by the first truck. Cloud technology connects the trucks and allows the lead truck control. The use of this technology increases hauling capacity and reduces fuel costs further.

It is safe to say these self-driving trucks are coming soon. Right now, more companies are testing and improving this semi-truck technology. It is important to stay current on advances and events that will impact the future in the industry. Contact us today to ask questions and learn more. 

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