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Semi-Truck Tire Care Program Cuts Costs

Since 2015, the Michelin Tire Care Service has proactively assisted fleet owners in minimizing the costs associated with tire problems, including poor fuel economy, avoidable downtime and unsafe operation. The program has grown to the point that it provides services to more than 36,000 trucks in over 260 fleets.

New Features

In February 2017, officials announced upgrades to the program. Michelin has worked on the system’s software and hardware to add more measurement devices and to make its app more user-friendly. The fleet dashboard now displays tire summaries including comprehensive data about red and yellow tag events. It also identifies the most common problems across the fleet. As red and yellow tag events are resolved, vehicle histories include a record of all work that is completed. Finally, a program called “Road Ready” is ideal for coast-to-coast line haul fleets. It will utilize Love’s Travel Center TirePass lanes to perform tire inspections.

Cost-saving Measures

Since its inception, Michelin’s tire care program has responded to both red tag and yellow tag events. Reg tag incidents involve critical issues that demand immediate attention. About one in five incidents were designated “red tag,” meaning a quick reaction was needed to avoid a violation of the federal government’s Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) program. Resolution of red tag events also avoid emergency road service (ERS) calls.

More than six in ten incidents were designated “yellow tag,” meaning that a problem arose that adds to long-term expenses. According to a post in, one fleet reduced its monthly ERS call volume from 5.5 to 2.5, resulting in a savings of approximately $2,000/mo.

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