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E-commerce Opportunities For Trucking

The long-term promise of E-commerce became evident at the turn of the century. It grew without ceasing, even through the Great Recession. Today, its impact on the trucking industry is undeniable.

At this year's Great American Trucking Show (GATS), major players and thought leaders will convene to discuss the impact of E-commerce on the trucking industry. They will discuss how E-commerce is transforming key areas of the trucking industry, and they will contemplate what the future holds.

The event is scheduled for August 24-27 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas.

Consider some dramatic examples of the impact of E-commerce on trucking:

  • Amazon is leasing trailers and planes in rapidly increasing numbers. The E-commerce giant is also adding millions of square feet of high-tech warehousing space.
  • Every major retailer is rapidly integrating E-commerce into its business models to survive or even thrive.
  • If Google succeeds in developing automated deliveries via vehicle or drone, even more freight will be moved to distribution centers.

In February of this year, GeekWire highlighted Amazon’s explosive growth, and how it now maintains a presence in all 50 states and beyond in order to fulfill orders at an efficient pace. In late 2011, Amazon employed about 50,000 workers, not including seasonal employees. Today, employment exceeds 300,000, a six-fold increase.

Meanwhile, retail giant Walmart is ready to take on Amazon in the E-commerce space. Target and Overstock are among the other key players competing in the burgeoning internet marketplace.

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