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Honeywell is Protecting Valuable Freight

Transporting valuable and perishable items can be a liability for trucking fleets. Perishable items may be adversely affected by environmental conditions and valuable cargo is often a target for theft. Honeywell has recently developed logistics technology that allows shippers to further protect their sensitive freight.

Connected Freight, Honeywell's latest logistics solution, offers key information about freight while it is in transit. This solution gives shippers the ability to monitor their freight and receive alerts that will help prevent damage and loss. Collaborating on this latest development were Intel, DHL, Expeditors, and Kuehne + Nagel. Connected Freight is part of a larger range of Connected Supply Chain solutions that Honeywell is working on to improve efficiency and create plans to ensure rapid response to shipping incidents.

Connected Freight uses sensor tags attached to individual packages or entire pallets. These sensor tags provide information regarding temperature, vibration, shock, tilt, humidity, pressure, and intrusion detection. A mobile gateway inside the truck shares this information to a cloud-based platform where shippers can view it. The stored data can also be used in the future to improve shipping conditions and avoid troublesome routes. 

This solution is ideal for valuable and perishable cargo and can provide shippers with piece of mind and perhaps prevent costly liability issues for carriers. However, it is important to note that this kind of technology is not necessary for all kinds of shipments--the cost would outweigh the benefits in some cases. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about the latest news and developments in the semi-truck industry. 

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