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Refurbished Trucks, Glider Kits And More

Many owner-operators and economy-minded fleets appreciate the cost savings made possible by selecting dramatically refurbished trucks over new ones. One excellent way to refurbish a truck is to make use of a glider kit consisting of a complete cab, front axle and chassis. A glider kit may also include fuel tanks, battery box, air tanks and lines and more.

Glider Kit Advantages 

When combined with a customer’s engine, transmission and rear axle, savings of 25-40 percent over the new vehicle cost is possible. Opting for a glider kit allows one to customize configurations, equipment paint and upholstery. Enjoy like-new performance at a reduced cost.

Glider kits also offer possible tax savings, higher resale values and higher driver satisfaction. Combine the latest technology with your drivetrain or a factory rebuild. In some cases, better fuel economy is possible as well. A glider kit features a unique vehicle identification number (VIN).

Custom Modifications

We modify vehicles for agricultural, oil and gas and other specific vocational purposes. Enhance productivity and your return on investment with one of our custom configurations, including long wheelbase trucks, dump trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles.

JRuble and Sons is your source for glider kit installations, refurbished daycabs, heavy spec cabs and more. Our experience in niche markets spans more than three decades. Let us demonstrate how you can save substantial sums while still enjoying the latest technology and customized features.

Look for us between U.S Highways 27 and 30 in Monroeville, Indiana. We’d welcome the opportunity to address your needs. To learn more about our services, please contact us today!

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