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Semi-Truck Industry News: Speed Limit Regulations Put on Hold

The proposed regulations for mandates to speed limits on larger trucks has come to an unexpected halt. According to, President Trump has signed an executive order placing this and other proposals into an abeyance. 

With the proposal, trucks weighing 26,000 pounds and heavier would have restrictions on the maximum driving speed on maintained roads. 70% of heavyweight trucks already have technology limiting their speeds, says Senator Chuck Schumer. Still, many deem further regulation necessary, and thus the current proposal.

This proposal was met with little opposition from some trucking companies, as the regulation would potentially save billions in fuel costs. Furthermore, it's popular for its safety benefits, namely reducing the severity of crashes and accidents on the roads. The limiters in the proposal ranged from 60 to 68 mph. 

The order, officially termed "Presidential Executive Order On Reducing Regulation and Controlling Regulatory Costs" requires that for every new regulation put into place, two will have to be cut from the books. As such, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is reluctant to put the new regulation into practice. 

While many support the speed limits, there are potential dangers. The regulation is designed for safety, but some roads with higher speed limits than these could potentially put drivers in danger. Some of our roads have speed limits of 70 or even 85 mph, and some view the regulation with skepticism. As with many types of regulation, there are both positive and negative aspects.

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