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Uber Freight Launches

Owner-operators and small fleets have long struggled with finding the right loads at the right time. With the launch of Uber Freight, that may no longer be an issue. Uber Freight is vowing to do for truckers what the Uber app did for independent drivers-here’s how it works.

The Uber Freight App

Downloading the Uber Freight app will allow you to find available loads based upon a certain set of criteria such as pickup time and location. Once you have identified a load, simply press the “book load” button on the app to confirm. You may also reach Uber Freight staff by pressing the phone icon if you have further questions about a load.


You will always know the price for a particular load up front. Payment is made upon completion; however, it could nonetheless take a few days for the money to clear your bank through the Automatic Clearing House (ACH).

Long Term Outcome

Uber Freight originally launched in Texas on a limited basis. Although it has now launched nationwide, the majority of loads are still concentrated in San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas. This is expected to change as more people become familiar with the app.

In the future, some drivers may rely solely on Uber Freight to find loads, while others may use it in addition to their other resources. Either way, industry experts are hailing Uber Freight as an opportunity for small fleets and owner-operators to increase their bottom line. For truckers who struggle with finding freight to haul, this can be a very good thing.

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