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Over the Air Software Provides Engine Tune-up on Command

Over The Air (OTA) Technology

Gone are the days when your truck received a tune-up just once or twice a year to maintain peak fuel efficiency, engine, and drive train performance. With new OTA (Over the Air) technology your truck can be tuning itself up while you catch some z's in the sleeper. With a consistent wireless connection to a diagnostic monitoring program, potential problems can be diagnosed and often corrected before they become major disruptions.

Navistar's Tune-up On Command Program

Navistar International's OnCommand Connection software updates a truck's core electronic control unit as often as your iPhone can update an app, and just as easily. That adds up to fewer service trips and reduces downtime. The program works with International's Cummins and Navistar model engines.

The OnCommand program can be used to manage entire fleets, tracking and prioritizing problems, and even locate the nearest dealer service center if repairs are required on the road. The software is prepared to detect over 180,000 engine and vehicle faults. Some International brand trucks built on or after 2010 can have the technology added, according to Navistar chief intelligence officer Terry Kline in this interview at

Volvo's Remote Diagnostics

Not to be outdone, Volvo Trucks offers their Remote Diagnostics to "maximize uptime and expedite repairs." The system is standard now on 2017 models and is available for legacy vehicles with Volvo EPA engines going back to 2010. Volvo's Remote diagnostics monitors engine and transmission performance. Their video claims that average repair times are reduced by 22% and average diagnostic times by 70%.

OTA is sure to add to a driver's peace of mind, in knowing that his truck is always in peak condition for the long haul.

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