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Trucking Rolls Out to Meet the Hurricanes Challenge

American trucking delivers 70% of all freight in the country, yet this vital industry all too often takes an undeserved beating from the media or short-sighted politicians. The aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are challenging trucking and the logistics industry as a whole, and the good men and women in both are stepping up to answer that challenge. Here at J. Ruble and Sons, we’re proud to recognize the noble efforts of the trucking industry in these challenging times of crisis.

Hurricane Harvey and Transforce International

While attention was being diverted from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey in Texas to the incoming wrath of category 5 Hurricane Irma threatening Florida, freight company CFI was still busy operating a logistical lifeline to Houston and surrounding areas. CFI’s parent company Transforce International went beyond transportation needs when they donated $250,000 to relief efforts, according to this report at

Hurricane Irma and Werner Enterprises

Werner Enterprises, a freight industry leader headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska coordinated relief efforts with Home Depot’s Hurricane Command Center to dispatch food and supplies from Lake Park, Georgia to southern Florida. Werner consigned more than 100 trucks to the southern Florida locales most severely affected by the devastating Irma, as reported in this article at Streetwise Insider.

Convoy of Hope Salutes Trucking

Convoy of Hope is the charitable relief organization which coordinated volunteer truckers and relief workers in Texas, Florida, Turks and Caicos, and the British Virgin Islands. Convoy of Hope’s fleet primarily focused on transporting emergency supplies of food and water. US response director Stacy Lamb said “Most of what we do in our operation hinges on trucking.”

You can check out the whole Convoy of Hope story in this video at YouTube.

At J. Ruble and Sons we are proud to be part of an industry which doesn't hesitate to roll forward in times of national crises like these. We've got a large inventory of high quality refurbished trucks to suit any heavy truck vocation so don't hesitate to contact us.

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