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Mack’s Latest Makes J.Ruble And Sons' Take Notice

Being avid followers of semi-truck industry news, we couldn’t help but notice what’s going on with Mack. Yes, we said Mack Trucks. The 117-year old company continues to make bold headlines. Case in point, The Herald Mail Media and FOX News both published excellent articles about the firm’s latest reveal. Perhaps you saw news of the Mack Anthem’s release appear on your local television or social media feeds in mid September 2017. If not, please allow us to recap the good, semi-truck news for you:

Billed an “American Legend”, trucking’s leading minds seem to agree that this is one of the firm’s best vehicles yet. For starters, this Class 8 semi-truck comes in a trio of cab configurations. Understandably, there’s also a choice of engines, transmissions, axles, suspensions and assorted amenities. And in our opinion, much like the Mack Trucks in our inventory, those features makes it ideal for both long and short haul truckers.

At this time, we’ve got used Mack semi-trucks in inventory that range in age from 2004 models and up. Of course Anthems are not among them just yet. Instead, we’ve got reliable models including several from Mack’s Granite line. Unofficially known as the “Tried and True Line”, it offers Class 8 fans a choice of two cab configurations instead of three. The Granite Line also boasts some of the best standard features found in used semi-trucks today.

For instance, they feature comfortable, galvanized steel cabs complete with power windows, non-slip electronics trays, driver’s Sears seating with air suspension, illuminated instrument panel controls, reliable HVAC systems and stunning co-pilot displays. Oh, and did we mention that the series also boasts GuardDog® Connect Systems? It’s just one of the amenities that set the brand apart from other used semi-trucks in our lots. To learn more about the used Mack Trucks in our inventory, please contact us today.

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