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Essential Truck Driving Safety Tips

Safe driving behaviors are important for everyone, but truckers spend more time behind the wheel than anyone. Choose safe driving behaviors each day, and don't let a few accident-free years let you become complacent.

  • Wear your seat belt. 1 in 6 truck drivers were observed not wearing their seat belts while driving. You hope you won't be involved in a collision, but don't bet your life on it.
  • Take care of yourself - proper rest and nutrition are critical to your awareness and responsiveness behind the wheel. Don't put yourself in a position to cut corners because you are tired or hungry.
  • Plan your trip the day before - check your route for weather conditions, construction, and large events that will be cause for heavy traffic. You'll have time to adjust your departure time to avoid traffic, take a different route around construction, or get ahead of a storm.
  • Always see for yourself. When you arrive at the shipper, get out and look around. Make sure you have room to get in and out, check for proper clearances, and check the area for damage or debris that might cause you trouble.
  • Stay away from rushing motorists. If everyone else is in a hurry, slow down, back off, and let them go. Don't let yourself be caught in the middle of a pileup.
  • Take care at the truck stop. Watch for drivers moving too fast or backing up without looking. Lock your truck when you are stopped - whether you are in it or not.
  • Do your pre-trip inspections. It is up to you to make sure your truck is road-worthy every time you take it out.
  • Listen to your gut. If you don't feel well or are drowsy, or if the weather is getting scary - take a break. People are counting on you to get there and get home safely.

For more safety tips, check out this article. If you are ready to purchase your own truck, or upgrade to something newer, contact us.

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