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How Semi Truck Technology is Improving the Industry

The trucking and shipping industry is a very important one that has an impact on everyone's life. While the trucking industry has been responsible for transporting products for decades, it has recently seen a significant improvement thanks to technology. Technology in the trucking industry is improving it several different ways.

Improved Traffic Coordination

Nothing can impact the delivery date of a product like bad city traffic. Thanks to GPS technology and the sharing of information, trucking companies are now able to utilize real-time traffic reports and traffic history reports to better optimize their delivery times. This results in less time wasted stuck in traffic while being able to better estimate delivery times.

Driver Safety Monitoring

One of the concerns of the trucking industry has been driver safety habits. Drivers that are looking to stay on schedule have a habit of driving too long into the night or too fast to stay on track. Trucking companies now receive real time information regarding how long a driver has been behind the wheel, how was the truck is moving, and whether there is an indication of erratic driving. All of these signs could signal the company to tell the driver to take a break.

Driver Need Fulfillment

The Internet has also made it much easier for a trucking company to find an available driver. All drivers are able to sign in online to provide information about their schedule and availability. Based on this, they can be automatically matched to a job, which can reduce the amount of time and money spent recruiting drivers for new jobs.


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