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Refurbished DayCabs and Trucks Factoring in 2017 Increase in Used Truck Sales

Improvement in the trucking industry in 2017 with a 10% increase in spot rates in 2017 versus 2016 are helping to drive increases in used truck sales according to a recent article on  Since spot rates are related primarily to owner-operators, the impact has been a positive one to the used daycab and truck market as this is often the most economical means for owner-operators to purchase a rig.  

While there can be lemons found in any used vehicle market, J. Ruble and Sons take pride in their 40-year history of offering quality refurbished daycabs, trucks, chassis, and vocational vehicles that are reconditioned to spec both mechanically and cosmetically. Located in Monroeville, Indiana, with their full-service facilities and show lots spread over several acres, J. Ruble and Sons offer an on-site frame shop to customize your refurbished truck, cab, or chassis.

Benefits of choosing a refurbished vocational vehicle from J. Ruble and Sons include:

Variety of Vehicles

J. Ruble and Sons began as a family endeavor, customizing and building grain trucks to meet the needs of their family farm.  Continuing as a family business, J. Ruble and Sons now offer refurbished dump trucks, heavy spec cab and chassis, daycabs, and cab and chassis in their inventory.  

Quick Turnaround for Small Jobs

Need new tires? Sprung a leak from a gasket?  Need to get back on the road fast?  J. Ruble and Sons have the local sourcing to get you back on the road on the same day or the next day for wheels and tires.


J. Ruble and Sons can arrange delivery of your refurbished vehicle to your location nationwide through their reliable network of drive-away delivery drivers.

Mechanic and Cosmetic Refurbishing

J. Ruble and Sons not only recondition engines and customizes frames, they also update your refurbished daycab or chassis with cosmetic improvements, including new upholstery, new bumpers, new glass, fresh paint, and more. 

Contact us today to learn more about our refurbished daycabs, chassis, and vocational vehicles.  We look forward to providing you a superior used truck purchase experience.

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