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Historical Facts On Regulations Affecting The Trucking Industry

As you consider past facts, it is possible to establish some of the aspects that inform what is happening today. The trucking industry has a rich history that curious truck drivers or anyone who needs information on the same can connect with in many ways. One of the facts worth noting is that government regulations intended to control this industry were in place before the 1930's.

That is the period when trucking established it's presence in the shipping industry and here are some of the early day regulations.

In 1913 Government Introduces The First State Weight Limits Before 1913 there was no rule regulating the maximum weight that a particular truck was to carry. The challenge, in this case, was the widespread damage to roads then. Some of the factors contributing to the severe road damage that time include the fact that trucks had iron wheels or tires with solid rubber as an alternative.

In a bid to address this problem, four states, including Washington, Maine, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts set separate weight limits. Finally, in 1981 the fixed weight limit of 80,000 pounds was put in place.

In 1933 The American Trucking Association Was Assembled The mode of operation of the Federation Trucking Associations of America and the American Highway Freight Association was independent before 1933. The formation of the American Trucking Association (ATA) is as a result of the merging of the two associations. On the other hand, the birth of the new organization originates from the passing of the Code of Fair Competition by the government of the day.

Today, ATA stands as one of the essential advocacy groups that address various issues within the trucking industry.

In 1938 The First "Hours Of Service" Come Into Effect The rules on the Hours of Service for truck drivers are frequently changing to be in line with the current demand in the industry. By the coming into effect of the HOS rule in 1938, the maximum hours behind the wheel was 12 hours and 15 hours for those on duty. If you need more information on the history of the trucking industry, contact us today!

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