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Truck Drivers Help America Move

It is going to be great to see the trucking industry get a breath of new life with companies having the ability to add new equipment and new drivers. But, as you may have read in our February 23rd blog, "The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Is Bringing New Life To The Trucking Industry," attracting new drivers may be a problem.

It is significant that we truly realize the importance our trucking industry and our truck drivers. Samantha Raphelson from NPR shares two amazing statistics from The American Trucking Associations (ATA) in her circulating article, "Trucking Industry Struggles With Growing Driver Shortage." The ATA's statistics reveal that 70% of America's consumer goods are moved by truck and that we have an increasing demand for truck drivers that could reach over 900,000. 

With these surprising statistics, what can America do to keep on the move? Companies are working with the times to retain their experienced crew while recruiting new drivers. Craig Guillot explains and charts the trucking industry's recruiting tactics in his article, "Trucking Companies Using New Recruit Strategies To Attract Young Truck Drivers." As Guillot points out, referrals remain the number one best-recruiting means. Social media recruitment has begun to grow and replace trade publications and job boards. Even more interesting, Guillot has discovered that Instagram is the social media of choice with real-life pictures making a difference. To make it easier for potential new employees, mobile-friendly applications are being developed to simplify the application, screening and onboarding processes.

Guillot reviews how the trucking industry is also working hard to better their employees' quality of life. Benefits are being updated to reduce retirement rates, and wellness benefits are being increased. New compensation packages are in the works that may include a rewards program as well as a flexible work schedule. 

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