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Drive With Caution Across America's Dangerous Highways

Our team at J. Ruble and Sons Truck Sales has over forty years invested in America's trucking industry. We take pride in selling high quality and expertly refurbished daycab tractors, heavy spec cab, and chassis along with other vocational trucks to businesses. Safety on the roads is always a concern for all of us in America's trucking industry. 

We are located approximately 22 miles southeast of Fort Wayne, Indiana, and we are not too far from one of the most dangerous highways noted in the United States. Found on FueLoyal"13 Most Dangerous and Disastrous for Truck Drivers" by Magoci, J. (2016, March 16) lists routes that have been deemed dangerous. 

  • Arizona I-10 *, **
  • Connecticut I-95 **
  • Alaska's James Dalton Highway *, **
  • Montana HWY 2 *, **
  • Colorado HWY 550 *, **
  • California/Arizona I-15 **
  • California Route 138 **
  • Georgia I-285
  • South Carolina I-26 *, **
  • Alabama US 431
  • Fort Wayne, IN/Toledo, OH US 24 **
  • Utah US 6
  • North Carolina US 129 **

Five (*of these above treks were also reported in TruckerClassifieds' "Top 5 Most Dangerous Roads in the US" (2016, March 11) as the most dangerous highways.

Another interesting article that lists those routes that the Department of Transportation took from trucker drivers' experiences is found on"Truckers Name America's 10 Most Dangerous Roads" by Ritter, J. (2017, April 4) also confirms ten (**) of the routes reported above by Magoci, J.  

A fourth, informative list is found on American Trucker"10 most dangerous roads for truckers" by Fisher, J. (2017, November 17) reports on ten highways that show a notable increase in holiday traffic with a higher volume of reported accidents.

  • Alabama I-10
  • Florida I-95
  • Idaho HWY-75
  • Arkansas I-40
  • Florida US-1
  • Michigan M-20
  • Nebraska I-80
  • Colorado HWY-5
  • Maryland I-70
  • South Carolina SC-35

A couple of alarming, accident statistics are reported that we hope will drive trucking companies and owner-operators to take notice.

  • Over one-half of the trucks involved were discovered to have "at least one vehicle defect." 
  • "30% of the crashes were caused by equipment failure."

More truck drivers are in demand, and the trucking industry has significant growth potential. It's important that we all drive with caution across all the highways and roads of America.

The team at J. Ruble and Sons Truck Sales is always honored to have your business and keep America on the move. When you're looking for high quality, used equipment, give us a call, or drop in for a visit. 

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