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Precision Framework to Customize Your Semi's Wheelbase

Customization and Refurbishment: Precision in Every Frame

The team at J. Ruble & Sons Truck Sales brings 40 years of training and experience in refurbishing semi-trucks. We have gained the trust and repeat business from our customers for heavy spec cab and chassis truck customization. We are known for the expert customization to lengthen a semi-truck's wheelbase that offers truckers several benefits.  

Benefits of Extending a Semi-Truck's Wheelbase

Listening to the seasoned and expert truck drivers help understand the benefit of lengthening a semi's wheelbase. Class A Drivers has an informative trucking forum. 

  • A better ride is one of the benefits.
    • One driver notes that you should be sure to "fill in the gap" by also changing the size of your sleeper or the length of your windbreaks.
  • Day cabs can experience a jerking motion caused by the trailer. Extending the wheelbase can eliminate this issue.

Smart-Trucking also addresses the pros and cons of a 280" wheelbase in their article, "PROS & CONS OF A 280 LONG WHEELBASE TRUCK" by CatMac22* (2016, August 8).

  • Again, one advantage is a better ride.
  • "Improved swing/dip radius" is another advantage.
  • Semi-trucks with extended wheelbase have a better potential for resale.
  • The added framework allows for adding "generators or toolboxes." 

Reportedly, the total length of an eighteen wheeler is at a disadvantage in confining spaces when turning around is necessary. One other disadvantage is the length restriction Canada enforces on semi-trucks.

J. Ruble & Sons' Framework Shop Offers Expert Customization

J. Ruble & Sons Truck Sales is proud of our Frame Shop team. Powered with highly skilled technicians, we offer our customers a job done with precision and care. The entire team at J. Ruble & Sons Truck Sales understands the demands of our demanding trucking industry. The trucking industry demands are what continues to drive us to deliver exceptional refurbished and customized day cabs, dump trucks, cab and chassis, and heavy spec cab and chassis. When you are looking for precision customization and refurbishment, drop in for a visit to see everything we can do to keep your business on the move. 

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