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Rise Of The Automatic Tractor

For decades, drivers in the trucking industry have relied on manual tractors to do much of their hauling across the United States. Now there is a new age of driver in the world, the driver who drives a tractor with an automatic transmission.

Benefits Of Automatic Semi Trucks:

Automatic semi trucks offer a wide range of benefits. The first benefit that an automatic semi truck offers is better fuel economy. Computerization accompanied with automatic transmissions provide the operator with a better fuel economy than a manual transmission. Automatic semi trucks also offer a better overall performance. No longer do drivers have to manually shift gears while driving. Automatic semi trucks are also said to give the driver more control when going up and down steep roads  as well when driving on slick roads.

There is also a shorter longer curve for CDL students when training to be truck drivers. Learning how to shift gears on a ten speed semi truck can be difficult to learn for anyone. Automatic semi trucks handles the shifting for you. This allows for quicker conversions for students to become drivers. 

The Future Is Here:

Schools such as Road Masters Driving School  now offer automatic truck driving training to its students. Companies such as Faygo Cola, Chrysler, and CR England have incorporated automatic semi trucks into their fleets. One of the biggest factors is safety. Fleet operators now believe that driver fatigue can be reduced by eliminating the need to shift gears while driving. Driver demographics is changing with mostly new, young drivers who have never driven a manual transmission vehicle before. Nearly half of new semi trucks sold in the United States are said to be equipped with automatic transmissions. 

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