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Our Semi Refurbishing Is The Smarter Trucking Decision

A Smarter Trucking Decision: Letting J. Ruble & Sons Refurbish Your Semi-Truck

We recently shouted out about our truck refurbishing business. It is always exciting for us to see that what we do here at J. Ruble & Sons Truck Sales does make an impact on the trucking industry. 

From owner-operators to large fleets, if you are looking for a less-expensive way of replacing or expanding your fleet, we want to hear from you. An interesting article that fits in with our philosophy is a recently published write up found on Smart Trucking

Buying an Older Model Semi-Truck

As the author reports, many people are preferring older rigs over new ones for a couple of important reasons.

  • Of course, the cost is a big factor along with "DEF equipment and emissions equipment."
  • The trucking pay rates may not be substantial enough to afford new equipment.

The author points out the advantages of choosing to go with an older model semi. 

  • You have lower, initial start-up cost regarding the funding of your used equipment. The author mentions that some "new truck financing comes with a guaranteed minimum commitment of 5 years of payments." Remember, your new truck will have needed maintenance and repairs too.
  • Depending on how old, you may want to look at the older rigs that are easier repaired without all the new computerized components that can be hard to learn to work. Not to mention, they may be more expensive to repair.
  • With older model semis, history of good performance, especially with the engines and transmissions, can be the information you need to know you have a good piece of equipment. New equipment can have its glitches that could require repairs and downtime. 
  • With the uncertainty of the trucking industry, owner-operators and smaller trucking companies should be careful not to financially over-extend themselves. Should their situation change, or the industry turn negative, they don't want to have too much money invested that they cannot walk away with little to no loss.

Buying a New Semi-Truck

The author also gives some insight into why you should not buy a used semi, and we will leave that for you to compare. Of course, we know the importance of new truck sales for our industry. If not for them, we wouldn't be doing what we do best, and that is bringing the older trucks back to life. For us, it's just as exciting as rolling out a brand new model. 

The Refurbishing Work

The Smart Trucking article reviews what it may take to refurbish the truck yourself, and that is where we believe we can offer the best deal when it comes to your business investment. Even if you believe you can do the work yourself, why not use our expert team to do the job, exactly how it should be done. Remember, you still have to have money to do the repairs, and you have the have the right equipment, but you also need to put the time it requires to do the job right. We have all the resources to refurbish your semi-truck back to its original, eye-catching glory. 

Our Commitment to Quality Refurbishing Drives Our Business

With over forty years of history, the team at J. Ruble and Sons Truck Sales continues to specialize in finding big power, used trucks that can offer quality years of service to our customers. Our frame shop is one of the best across the country with repeat customer business. 

Before you take off the first Lug Nut, let the team at J. Ruble & Sons tell you more with just a phone call. We know the business, and we can help you understand why we know we can refurbish your truck how you would want it to be done. If you have yet to find the equipment you need, let us tell you about what we have that may be exactly right for your business needs. We are always happy to hear from our customers, old and new.

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