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'Plain and Simple' Sterling Trucks

The Brief History of Sterling Trucks

Remember the Sterling Trucks? Sterling Truck Corporation made its new debut in "1997," when "Freightliner acquired the rights to the heavy-truck product lines of Ford Motor Company," as found on Wikipedia. With its brief 11 years of production, the final truck came off the production lines in 2009. 

On Transport Topics, the main reason of ceasing the production for Sterling Class 5-8 trucks was giving room to Freightliner and Western Star models. Both brands were capable of adopting every application the Sterling trucks offered. 

Here are some dated discussions regarding the likes and dislikes of the Sterling trucks, as found on AgTalk. Some people liked these trucks.

  • "Just a good, plain and simple truck from what I can tell."
  • "It should be a good truck, as they all use common drivelines."
  • "Seems to be a fine truck." 
  • "I have an '02 model LT9500 twin screw with a 20' Scott bed and hoist, C10 Cat and Meritor 10 speed, will soon have it 4 years, have only had to put in a new heater core and put in a new improved metal piece in the day around the parking brake valve."Some Simple Sterlings are Refurbished and Ready at J. Ruble & Sons

Simple Sterlings are Refurbished and Ready at J. Ruble & Sons Truck Sales

Of course, there are some negative thoughts regarding the Sterling trucks. Our highly-skilled technicians have refurbished a few of the Sterling LT9500 with miles left to do some great local work. 

Call to find out more about these simple trucks or the others that have been refurbished and ready to put your company name and emblem on them. We have a good inventory of high-quality, refurbished daycab tractors, heavy spec cab and chassis, and other vocational trucks.

If your application requires customization, we are known across the country for our exceptional frame shop. You are always welcome to come see what we can do to turn an old, dependable truck to look like new. 

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