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Where to Look for the Most Truck Driving Jobs in 2019

2019 Has Been a Tough Year for Some Trucking Companies

With everything we're reading about our shortage of truck drivers, it's hard to understand that some trucking companies have had to shut down throughout 2019. Business Insider delivers the heart-breaking news on those companies that have closed their doors, and their truck drivers have lost their jobs.

The States Where Truck Driving Jobs are in Demand

With over 40 years of supporting the trucking industry, J. Ruble and Sons hope to deliver some information to help the truck drivers looking for a new driving position. On Zippia, find where the most trucking jobs are in the United States.

Relocation packages may even be a possibility with some trucking companies. There are different places to research for specific companies looking for truck drivers.

SimplyHired gives you the means to see the most recent jobs posted.

Indeed is another resource for seeing the truck driving job across the United States in 48 states.

Transitioning from a Company Driver to an Owner-Operator

Maybe you're ready to strike out as an owner-operator. BigRoad helps you begin your transition plan. Not only do you need equipment, but you will need to think about insurance, both health and equipment coverage. Health Coverage Fast gives you some guidance to begin your search.

It's also smart to know what it takes to be successful as an owner-operator. Smart Trucking gives some excellent food for thought. One of our earlier blogs on financing also offers other useful resources. 

Where to Find a Quality-Refurbished Truck: J. Ruble and Sons

Known for our refurbishment expertise, we are always on the lookout for pre-owned trucking equipment to offer the best in high-quality refurbished trucks and tractors. We specialize in daycab tractors, heavy spec cab and chassis, and other vocational trucks.

Call the team at J. Ruble and Sons. We're here to help you get your trucking operation off the ground and on the road to success.

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