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Are CB Radios Still Relevant to Today's Truckers?

Citizens' band radio has remained an important tool for truck drivers since the 1970s, but recent technological advances have caused some truckers to wonder if it's still necessary. These two-way radios help motorists gain immediate local information about accidents, police activity and traffic.

Smartphone Software

Today's mobile applications can supply data that drivers previously relied on CB radios to receive. They don't have to contend with interference or sometimes-garbled reception. Apps provide quick access to up-to-date details on road conditions, weigh stations and truck stops.

Some smartphone programs have sought to re-create the experience of CB radio on the internet. One well-known example is called VoicR. It enables drivers to send spoken messages that are only received by nearby users. The app allows people to communicate on both public and private channels.

Three Benefits of CB

Nevertheless, there's still some noteworthy reasons to keep a two-way radio in your truck:

1. It continues to work in any location, including cellphone "dead zones." Keep in mind that cellular towers can fail or become overloaded, especially during power outages and emergencies.

2. These radios also offer a particularly economical way to communicate. After you purchase the equipment, there's no subscription fees or apps to buy. One way to save cash is to combine CB with a flip-phone or low-cost cellular service that comes with limited voice minutes.

3. Radios are convenient and simple to operate. They don't need to recharge or download updates. The equipment tends to be durable and long-lasting. It's less distracting because you usually only need to press one button. Cellphone usage laws are typically more strict.

While it might not play as big a role as it did in the past, CB still represents a beneficial and relatively popular technology. Please visit our blog again to learn about the latest trucking developments, and remember to contact us the next time you're shopping for a dependable, competitively priced truck.

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