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Trucking News from Around the Country

J. Ruble and Sons Truck Sales has been part of the trucking industry for decades. We have seen lots of changes throughout our years of dedication to offering quality-refurbished daycab tractors, heavy spec cab and chassis, and other vocational trucks. Our operation remains constant, and we're here to help our customers save money with those tractors and trucks that have years of life for dependable trucking, as our industry continues to go through changes.

HOS Regulation Proposals Gaining Approvals with Excitement

We're all waiting to hear more about the five proposals the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) set out. You can see that the final day for public input was October 21, 2019. Be sure to look under Related Links, where you will find the "HOS NPRM Handout" of the five proposed changes.

If you haven't read the excitement "led by Americans for Tax Reform, a coalition of 12 free-market organizations backed the changes for commercial drivers in a letter to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration," as reported on the Washington Examiner. Just changing the 30-minute break rule is being calculated to "provide a boost for the economy and provide $274 million in savings for American consumers and the economy." That will be a welcoming change.

Truckers Beware of Getting the Boot in Kentucky and Other States

With thanks to "a trio of Kentucky farmers," truckers spending their night at a local Walmart almost got the boot, as reported on the Land Line. Don't be the victim of an unlawful boot. As you will see, there is also a problem in Colorado, also reported on Land Line

Amazon's Big Rigs are Rolling Out Across America

You can look at it as a threat, or you can look at it as opportunities for truck drivers who have lost their jobs in 2019. Business Insider brings the news of Amazon's branded daycab tractors on the move, "for distances of 400 miles or shorter."

For the manufacturers supplying these semi-trucks, it's business that could lead to more business. Just recently reviewed on Transport Topics, it's never easy to manage and monopolize a fleet. 

J. Ruble and Sons Specialize in Finding Dependable Power for Quality Refurbishment

When big fleets are well-maintained, the tractors and trucks that are sold to make room for new technologies are perfect for refurbishment. At J. Ruble and Sons Truck Sales, we're always on the hunt for big tractors and trucks with years left for dependable trucking.

If you're looking for a quality-refurbished tractor or truck, find out what we have ready to customize for your trucking operation today. It's our commitment to the trucking industry to help trucking businesses get previously-owned equipment for dependability at exceptional prices.

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