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How to Update Your Trucking Business to Look Like New

Keep Your Tractor Looking Nice for Better Business and Bottom Line

When a semi doesn't look dependable, it may be hard to compete with those trucking operations with nice-looking equipment. Even if you know your tractor's guts are in great condition, a beat-up appearance can be affecting your bottom line. 

Step 1: Financial Help to Keep Your Trucking Business Looking Good

If you're noticing your business is slowing, take the time to research what it will take to get your equipment back to a new look, a look that says your business is dependable. Even if you have money in the bank, you may want to hold on to your reserves for those times you need money for routine maintenance and repairs.

If you took out a loan for your trucking equipment, you may have excellent credit to qualify for a loan to make the repairs your tractor needs. There are financial operations that work with trucking operations of all sizes.

Step 2: Quality Refurbishing and Reconditioning for the Like-New Appearance

J. Ruble and Sons Truck Sales is known across the country for quality refurbishing. With over 40 years of expertise, we are known for delivering a majority of our refurbished tractors and vocational trucks to buyers, sight-unseen. We have a top-notch operation with some of the best technicians around the country. Our frame shop is busy with repeat truck buying customers. 

If and when your old rig is ready to retire, you will know where you can find quality-refurbished trucking equipment. We are always looking for dependable, big power trucks and tractors that need a new look.

We're here to learn more about what you have, what needs to be done, and we'll work with you to get your business back to looking like new. It's always an honor to have a part in keeping America's trucks and tractors on the move and looking good. 

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