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Women at the Wheel -- Why women drivers are becoming increasingly common in trucking

The trucking industry has had to cope with a driver shortage for years -- and there has been no end in sight -- until now. Brands are making more room for female drivers and benefiting in a variety of ways. Actively recruiting more women drivers solves a variety of problems for trucking brands, from filling up the ranks and ensuring all client demands are met to improving safety ratings and even job retention rates. Discovering why women drivers are becoming increasingly common and how brands are benefiting from a fresh approach to recruitment. 

Women are Safer Drivers

According to Business Insider, recent research suggests that when it comes to commercial vehicles, motorcoaches and big rigs, women are safer drivers than men. Women have fewer accidents, better results from inspections and are more likely to be in compliance with all FMCSA regulations than their male counterparts. 

Female Drivers are More Loyal

The costs associated with recruiting, hiring and onboarding drivers can be significant, and every time an employee departs, you'll incur these expenses all over again. Research shows that female drivers are more loyal than men -- and less likely to leave the brand they've been trained by. Hiring women drivers can save a lot of money in turnover costs and training fees. 

More Accessible Driving

Changes in both the trucking industry and the brands that support it have led to an increase in the number of female drivers. Regular, flexible schedules are more common than ever, thanks to service hour regulations. New technology that makes trucks more comfortable and accessible, combined with safer, more female friendly accommodations and service areas makes trucking more female friendly and has already increased the number of women behind the wheel. 


Expanding your lineup of drivers to include women can result in better safety ratings, improved track records and even enhanced retention rates. Reaching out to female drivers is surprisingly easy and pays off in a variety of ways. More women on the road could be the solution to the current and coming driver shortage and prevent brands fm making costly mistakes. Discover how innovations in vehicles can make a difference for female drivers and make it easier to recruit this in-demand population -- get in touch today to see what's new and what features are making a difference for brands who successfully recruit female drivers. 

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